Download Python Parasol

Sourceforge hosts the python parasol project (pyparasol). It can be downloaded at:Python Parasol Download

Aside from python itself, there are four Required packages that must be installed for parasol to work properly. (I recommend at least python version 2.5)

Make sure you get the latest distributions. I have had trouble on Windows 2000 and Windows 98 with older packages. The software versions that I have tested in python 2.5 on Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP are shown below. (Both the required and optional packages are shown.)

Tested Packages

All of the above required packages are included in the Enthought Python Distribution along with a host of other very useful packages. I have not tested the Enthought distribution as extensively, however, I have had very good luck with Enthought in the past.

Two optional packages can also be installed.

If you download the parasol ZIP file, then unzip parasol to the directory of your choice and install it in typical python fashion using the code shown below.

python install

If you download the EXE install file, then simply execute the EXE and parasol will be installed into your python library.

After installing parasol, test your installation by downloading any of the example files and run them.

I hope parasol makes your mathematical experiences easier and more productive.

My Thanks to Sourceforge for Their Support